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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in WV

A 2015 report found that West Virginia has the highest drug overdose rate in the United States, and all of the signs indicate that things are not getting better anytime soon. If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you might fear that you will become part of the tragic drug statistics represented in West Virginia. However, it does not have to be that way. There are affordable, accredited drug rehab centers in WV that can help you get sober and move on with a normal life, and we can help you find them and get help now.

The Drug Issue in West Virginia

As is true in other states, drug rehab centers in West Virginia are having to deal particularly with the explosive growth of addiction rates related to opioid painkillers. West Virginia has several factors that are contributing to increased numbers of addicts in the state. High poverty rates and the isolation of the state's cities and towns create a setting in which many people are driven to drugs because they feel hopeless and alone. But the existence of West Virginia drug rehab programs shows that one does not need to be in despair. There is a drug program in our recovery network that can customize treatment for you and help you stay comfortable and safe while you are being treated.

What Happens in West Virginia Drug Rehabilitation Centers

A key part of any successful drug or alcohol addiction program is the addiction counseling that helps addicts develop better ways of coping with stress and assists them in attaining life skills that will enable them to avoid relapsing into addiction. The West Virginia drug rehab centers in our professional recovery network include focused group and individualized counseling options that can be tailored to your specific situation. Additionally, the drug rehab centers in WV that we work with are staffed by highly trained medical personnel who will ensure that you get relief from the worst of the withdrawal symptoms you might experience during recovery. These programs are cost-effective, and we will work with your private insurance to make sure that your quality care is affordable.

It is not difficult to find the right option among the many drug rehab centers in West Virginia. Our customer care specialists have worked with many people like you in order to match them with the right rehab solution. The West Virginia rehab centers in our recovery network are accepting new patients, so call today or fill out our contact form to get help now.

Beckley Comprehensive Treatment Center

175 Philpot Lane BeaverWest Virginia  25813
Google Rating: 4.4

Clarksburg Comprehensive Treatment Center

706 Oakmound Road ClarksburgWest Virginia  26301
Google Rating: 2.5

Huntington Comprehensive Treatment Center

135 Fourth Avenue HuntingtonWest Virginia  25701
Google Rating: 4.2

Bodymind Institute-ibsr

20 Walnut Ave WheelingWest Virginia  26003
Google Rating: 5

Parkersburg Comprehensive Treatment Center

184 Holiday Hills Drive ParkersburgWest Virginia  26104
Google Rating: 3.6

Wheeling Comprehensive Treatment Center

40 Orrs Lane TriadelphiaWest Virginia  26059
Google Rating: 2.5

Williamson Comprehensive Treatment Center

1609 West Third Avenue WilliamsonWest Virginia  25661
Google Rating: 3.6

Serenity Club

1143 Dunbar Avenue DunbarWest Virginia  25064
Google Rating: 5

Seneca Health Services

1 Stevens Road SummersvilleWest Virginia  26651
Google Rating: 5

Valley Health Care System

501 North Pike Street GraftonWest Virginia  26354
Google Rating: 5

Prestera Center

511 Morris Street CharlestonWest Virginia  25301
Google Rating: 3.5

Medmark Treatment Centers Morgantown

53 Don Knotts Boulevard MorgantownWest Virginia  26508
Google Rating: 4.7

United Summit Center

6 Hospital Plaza ClarksburgWest Virginia  26301
Google Rating: 2.8

Appalachian Community Health Center

601 Walnut Street ParsonsWest Virginia  26287

United Summit Center

602 West Main Street SuttonWest Virginia  26601

Oasis Behavioral Health

689 Central Avenue BarboursvilleWest Virginia  25504
Google Rating: 4.7

Seneca Health Services

70 Parcoal Road Webster SpringsWest Virginia  26288
Google Rating: 4

Braxton County Fellowship Home

72 South Stonewall Street SuttonWest Virginia  26601

Wvu Medicine Chestnut Ridge Center

930 Chestnut Ridge Road MorgantownWest Virginia  26505
Google Rating: 3.7

Behavioral Health Services

99 Tavern Road MartinsburgWest Virginia  25401
Google Rating: 2.3
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