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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities in New York

The Statue of Liberty stands tall as a reminder of what it means to come to a new place in order to find hope. For many, rehab facilities in New York also stand as opportunities to come and find the hope they have so desperately been seeking. If you are a New Yorker, there are sure to be treatment centers accepting new patients near you, and if you are a visitor to the Empire State, there are lots of reasons to make the move to New York to enroll in treatment and get help now.

BetterAddictionCare can help you find the right customized addiction treatment programs in New York. Alcohol rehab and drug treatment centers help people all across the state, but part of ensuring success is finding a treatment program that will work best for you. We start by assessing your needs, and then, working with our nationwide recovery network, we find the top rehab centers in upstate New York or downstate that offer exactly what you are searching for. Fill out our contact form to get the process started and start healing right away in a safe and comfortable facility.

Addiction recovery isn't easy, but a life filled with substance abuse takes its toll on the body as well as relationships with other people. Because of this, you need to get help at the right type of rehab. Upstate New York in particular is home to many great facilities offering individualized treatments and alternative rehab programs, and we can help you figure out what to look for in a location, narrowing down the choices along the way. If you want to get help at a facility near you, we can find the right option, whether you live in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, or NYC or on Long Island. Each center will allow you to enjoy different experiences, and each will have greater benefits for some people than for others, which is why it's key to find the best treatment option for your unique needs.

If you need drug or alcohol rehab, NY is home to some of the top inpatient treatment centers in the nation. You can focus on how the addiction started, what relationships or influences may push you toward substance abuse, and what you can do to avoid bad situations when you arrive home. The goal is to deal with the addiction but also lay the groundwork for a life free from addiction. You have the ability to transform your life, putting yourself first and reaching the goals that you may have set aside in the past.

Do you feel that you could get a lot out of treatment in New York? Alcohol rehab or drug treatment is a big step in changing your life and the lives of those around you as you work to get sober. Don't wait. Call today to speak with a counselor and learn more about what we can do to get you started. Our connections to rehab facilities in New York will help you break the bonds that substance abuse has had on you.

Amen Clinics - New York

16 East 40th St 9th Floor New YorkNew York  10016
Google Rating: 4.6

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

283 West Broadway New YorkNew York  10013

Karen Horney Clinic

329 E 62nd Street New YorkNew York  10065
Google Rating: 3.8

Kavod Center

ÿ25 Circle Street, Suite 201ÿ RochesterNew York  14607

New York Center For Living

226 East 52nd Street New YorkNew York  10022
Google Rating: 4.5

New York Ketamine Infusions

80 Maiden Lane, Suite 703 New YorkNew York  10038
Google Rating: 4.6

Pure Recovery Outpatient Center

5-14 51st Avenue, 3rd Floor Long Island CityNew York  11101

The Freedom Model Retreats

9 Market St AmsterdamNew York  12010
Google Rating: 3.8

Transcend Recovery Community - New York Home

343 W 71st Street New YorkNew York  10023

Union Square Practice

817 Broadway, 10th Floor New YorkNew York  10003
Google Rating: 4.4

Addictions Care Center Of Albany

90 McCarty Avenue AlbanyNew York  12202
Google Rating: 4.8

Central New York Services

502 Court Street Suite 402 UticaNew York  13502
Google Rating: 5

Advanced Human Services

11215 72nd Road Basement Forest HillsNew York  11375
Google Rating: 4

Scan-ny Volunteer Parent

1377 Jerome Avenue BronxNew York  10452
Google Rating: 3.7

Mercy Hall

95 Pine Street FreeportNew York  11520
Google Rating: 1

Clinton Institute 4th Floor

391 East 149th Street 6th Floor BronxNew York  10455
Google Rating: 4

Parallax Center Ambulatory Detox And Continuing Care

145 East 32nd Street 6th Floor New YorkNew York  10016
Google Rating: 4

Gracie Square Hospital

420 East 76th Street New YorkNew York  10021
Google Rating: 3.1

Bellevue Hospital-psychiatry

462 1st Avenue and 27th Street Administration Bldg 2nd Floor Room 201 New YorkNew York  10016
Google Rating: 3

Addictions Care Center Of Albany

115 Ontario Street AlbanyNew York  12206
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